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SAG - AFTRA  Union Talent since 1999
World Voices Organization (WoVo) since 2013
Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) since 2010
Georgia Radio Hall of Fame (GRHoF) since 2013


Thirty - Three (33)  plus years of local through international work in all media types

Radio Broadcast career 1981 through 1991

Movie Trailer Voice Training by  

Dave Gilbert; Los Angeles / Atlanta (May 2000)





Voicing everything else
Voierything else.



Movie Trailers

Stomp the Yard: HOMECOMING TV spot (Sony Home Entertainment/RainForest Films)

13 Tzameti: Movie Trailer/ French (Palm Pictures)

Jib~Jab: Spec work, details forthcoming!

Little Man: trailer spec (Sony Pictures/Columbia Ent.)

Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5 Necropolis & Rave from the Grave: Web Trailer (Aurora Ent.)

HeadHunting Inc: Movie Trailer (Emptystreet Films)

The Invisible Revolution: Documentary Trailer (D & D International/ Quest Pictures)

Deliverance: by the slice Movie Trailer (Emptystreet Films)

Ouro Branco: Documentary Trailer (D & D International/ Quest Pictures)

Lockdown: Theatrical Movie Trailer (Columbia Pictures/Rainforest Films/Palm Pictures)

The Adventures of Pinocchio: Video Trailer (New Line Cinema/Savoy Pictures)

Wine and Spirits: Movie Trailer (Thunderpaw Films)

Long Gone: Movie Trailer (Howling Wolf Films)

Pandora's Box: Movie campaign/national radio (Columbia Pictures/RainForest Films)

Osmosis Jones: Movie Trailer spec (Warner Bro.'s)

Birthday Girl: Movie Trailer spec (Miramax Films)

The Gospel: Movie Trailer spec (Sony/ Screen Gems/Rainforest Films)



Cartoon Network: Toon Tour '96 TV promo

Cartoon Network Latin America: Goustov Brothers TV tag

Scripps Howard Cable: "New Lineup" TV promo

WAGA TV5: news promo announcer

TNT Latin America: TV promo announcer

CBS: promotional/ sales video (Toy Division)

Wendy's/Coca Cola: sales promo video

LeFont Theaters: promotional film

The Fun Company: upbeat promotional video



Atlanta Injury Centers: radio

Richard Childress Racing: national radio & TV campaign

Panoz Automotive: TV tags national (spec)

Coca Cola/NASCAR: TV tag

Al Serra Ford: game show host & contestant characters (radio)

Jim Cogdell Dodge: forceful/hard sell announcer (radio)

Trust Company Bank: "droning" announcer (radio)

Columbus Bank and Trust: TV commercial

Banker's First: guy next door (radio)

London House Restaurants: Italian characterization (radio)

Copperfield's Restaurant/Bar: laid back announcer (radio)

Gardner's BBQ: Porky Pig & Foghorn Leghorn characterizations (radio/spec)

Austin Foods: soft sell V-O (TV)

Adair Green Advertising: spec spot (Focus Contacts)

Pringle Dixon Pringle: spec spot(s)

Atlanta Journal/Constitution: local radio commercial

Supercuts: spec spot (announcer)

Noelle-The Day Spa: Mother's Day radio/TV campaign

Audio Pro: hard-sell radio V-O (local)

Woodridge Hospital: compassionate V-O radio & TV

Klien/Greenlee Tools: cable commercial

Sterns Inflate-A-Belt: announcer/cable TV (national)

Kolpin Products: commercial announcer (national)




GTE Wireless: training film narration

P.F.S.T.V.: sales training video

DAPEC: industrial film

Apogee Interactive: CD-ROM narration

Technologic Inc: CD-ROM V-O

Oasis Software: software instructional video

Owens Corning: phone system menus

Foot Locker: phone system menus

Chick-Fil-A Restaurants: seminar announcements

Longhorn Steaks: industrial film

Home Depot: industrial film(s) V-O

Makita Tools: “Tour Guide” narration

Loaded Productions: Walter Cronkite characterization

Jack Nicklaus Pro Shops: phone system announcements

Tape Warehouse: on-hold/phone system announcements

Environmental Blades: video sales presentation

Bob's Candies: "newsreel" announcer character

Krystal Restaurants: industrial film

Finish Line: telephony announcements

Peachtree Film Company: narrator/video


And more daily…





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